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Martin CuellarMartin Cuellar 

Error: You can't associate a private contact with an account.

I'm working through the Trailhead module on Account and Contact relationships (Learn CRM Essentials for Salesforce Classic > Accounts & Contacts > Understand Account and Contact Relationships https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trails/getting_started_crm_basics/modules/admin_intro_accounts_contacts/units/admin_intro_accounts_contacts_relationships)

It walks you through adding Related Contacts to the Account page, and then creating a related Contact through it. 
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I run into an error when I create a new Contact off of that screen: "Error: You can't associate a private contact with an account.".
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So, the steps are:
1: Account page
2: Click [Add Relationship] button in Related Contacts section
3: On the 'New Account Contact Relationship' click the Contact search icon
4: Click the [New] button
5: Enter the Contact info and click [Save]. The pop-up closes. (note: there is NOT an 'Account' field on this page.
6: Click [Save] button on the 'New Account Contact Relationship' page. The error is displayed. 

The only thing I've been able to do is exit these screens, go find the newly created Contact, edit it and add an Account, then go back and add the relationship.

How do I prevent this situation?

Thank you!

Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)

Hi Martin,
There is no solution to prevent this solution because salesforce doesn't allow private contact record to be associated with an account this.

Follow this link for better understanding of it.

This link will give you a fair explantion of why it doesn't allow such association.

Let me know if it helps.


Martin CuellarMartin Cuellar
Hello Narender,
Thank you for sharing that article, it definately describes the problem. 

To solve it, it makes sense to modify the "New Contact" screen so that "Account" is on the screen as a required field (step 5 in my original post - here's a screenshot). Where do I locate that page layout to modify it? I can't find a layout that matches so I can add "Account" as a required field.

New Contact from Add Account Contact Relationship
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi Martin,
Your query has led me to some interesting things, confusing rather. Because it actually makes no sense of that 'new' button since there is no Account look up field. And like you, I also was looking for a way to edit that layout to add an account look up field but couldn't find any way to edit it.

You should post this as an idea on Success Community.
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi Marting,
Also I would like to mention one more thing that if you are going to create a new contact anyway then why follow the path:
Click Add Relationship->Click Lookup icon-> then click New.
Instead, you can simply create a new contact by clicking "New Contact" which is to the extreme left of "Add Relationship".
Martin CuellarMartin Cuellar
There are certainly paths that I can take that don't result in an error.. multiple paths. But you can count on users finding the paths that don't work, like this one. I want to make sure that users don't get stuck and frustrated. I'll keep investigating. 
Martin CuellarMartin Cuellar
I found a post in Ideas on the subject: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l2LEAAY hopefully they address it someday!
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hopefully! Fingers crossed!
I too got same Error. Don't know what to do? Please help me to earn the Badge.
I was able to complete the trailhead by first adding the Contact to the Account (in the current trailhead, they are named Amanda Garcia and Garcia Inc), then also adding her as a Related Contact....which really defeats the purpose of using Related Contacts, but it gets you the badge!

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Please vote this up to "best answer" if you agree! :-)
Alex LuceAlex Luce
Yes, there is something wrong with the Salesforce challenge checker for this module.  Because if you create an Account for the Amanda Garcia contact that is NOT Garcia, Inc, it won't let you pass the challenge.  For example, when I created the contact for Amanda Garcia, I put her Account as being "Get Cloudy Consulting". Then I added her as a related contact to Garcia, Inc and everything went fine, I didn't get the Private Contact error -- because she already has an account.  However, when I went to check the challenge, I got the error message: "The Amanda Garcia Contact is not telated to the Amanda Garcia Account".  But I went back into the Garcia, Inc Account page, and the relationship is clearly there. 
I was able to pass the challenge by switching Amanda Garcia's Account back to Garcia, Inc in her Contact record. 
If you're getting this error, follow my instructions to pass the module:

User-added image

1. Create Amanda Garcia as a New Contact.

2. Create Garcia Inc as a New Account (note: I couldn't find anywhere to set the type to "business" so I just created a new account).

3. Edit Amanda Garcia's contact info as show here (with the checkbox):
User-added image

4. Press the pencil icon to edit. Since her account is Private, the Account Name will be enabled for editing.

5. Under Account Name, type Garcia Inc. 
User-added image

6. Press Save (bottom of page).

Attempt to pass the module after following these steps. These are what worked for me :)
Ken S solution worked out for me!
Matthew May 1Matthew May 1
Thank Ken S! This solution is still working.