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Process Builder question about process created record

I have written a Process Builder for a custom transition object in our Salesforce instance. We use that object to put in status changes for our overseas workers (on field, vacation, medical leave, leave of absence, ect.). 
The goal of the Process Builder is two fold. 
a. When a worker transition is manually entered by a user ( worker going on vacation from 06/01/2018 - 06/14/2018) the system will automatically create a second transition record for the day after the first transition end date to put them back into 'On Field' status. I have this created 1 hour after the initial transition has been entered.
b. On the begin date of the transitions, change the worker status to whatever the transition status is (On Vacation).

Everything is working great in testing except one thing.....
The transition that is automatically created to put them back into 'On Field' status creates fine, but on the 'Begin Date' of that transition the worker status is not being updated. It IS updated on the begin date of the first status entered - which is the one that was entered initial by the user. 

So in the example, on June 1st the worker is put into 'Vacation' status. But on June 15th, the worker status is NOT updated by the second transition. 

Any ideas? 
kamala swarnalathakamala swarnalatha

You can use the ISCHANGED() function also in criteria whether for the update the status condition.

Hope this helps!

Sweet Potato tec.