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kora bornkora born 

The 'Days_Remaining__c' field does not exist on the Contract object.

Hi, why do I keep gettnig this error in the challenge even though it clearly exists: - What am I missing...thanks

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User-added image
Hi kora born

Can you check the Field Level Security on 'Days_Remaining__c' field and make sure the visible is checked for 'System Admin'  profile.I think that might be the reason why the system is not able to see that field.
kora bornkora born
Its checked for 'All'

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Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi kora,
Make sure you have selected the right org while checking the challenge.
kora bornkora born
So the challenge works fine all day for half-a-dozen of them and then suddenly decides I am in the wrong org ? Then something is seriously wrong with the SF infra right.

And IF the org WAS wrong, dont you think the error message is worse ? Shouldnt it be detecting and pointing out that the object itself doesn't exist ??

And no, I didn't switch orgs during all this.
Another reason I could think of is may be because of multiple pagelayouts or Record types
kora bornkora born
I have just one PageLayout and no Record Types, but let me try again, maybe it maight magically work, like most other exercises, overnight :)
kora bornkora born
nope...still same error
geoffrey bauer 1geoffrey bauer 1
I have the same unresolved issue
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi Geoffrey,
Go to the configuration page of that field.
Click on the 'View Field Accessibity'. And make the field is editable for system admin profile. If it is showing hidden click on system admin profile and Check the Visible checkbox. Save and try again.
geoffrey bauer 1geoffrey bauer 1
Thanks! But, that doesn't work. What would really help is if I could get someone to override my trailhead to 'completed'. This one bug is costing me $4700. I have been stuck on it for a month and can't get my Veteran's free voucher for the class and cert exam until I get credit for this trailhead, 'Formulas and Validations' ....'Use Formula Fields'. Thanks. P.S. I have 52 badges and this is the only challenge the has returned three unique error messages. There is definitely a problem here.( looks like goin' back 3 years+)
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
I could help you solve it if you could share your screen with me.
geoffrey bauer 1geoffrey bauer 1 do we start?
geoffrey bauer 1geoffrey bauer 1
As you can see it is set at 'read only' on field accessibility page but set to 'visible' on access settings for case field page. I have used all the other formulas suggested. Thanks
Prashant MatePrashant Mate
Dear  kora born, I am also facing the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?
Do not create any new object "Contract" - use the standard object "Contract" and create the formula field. It works just fine.
Mil S.Mil S.
Hi Nads, Can you please help. I am getting an error as well. 
Ivan De Los Santos 9Ivan De Los Santos 9
Has anyone found a workaround for this issue?
Aman BhatnagarAman Bhatnagar
yes , i think i found the solution , problem comes when u create a new cotract object, donot create any new object, Contract object is already present.
Carolina FacchiniCarolina Facchini
I am having the same issue, and I am NOT creating the object, just the formula field on the contracr object
I got the same problem and just solved mine.
It because we got two objects named "contract" and you should add your filed in the other one.
hope it can help you.
I was wrong by "contact" and "contract",
They're different objects.
yan fei 8yan fei 8
Thanks YI BING! I have the same problem! And I also add my filed in the contact!
健 小林 14健 小林 14
Thank you, I also mistook Contact for Contract.
Tahura HarmainTahura Harmain
I Think You created custom Object for this but the assessment mentions custom 'Field'. There already exists Contract object as standard object with everything included. You just need to make a custom field 'days remaining' in already present standard object. hope it helps.