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syeda syedasyeda syeda 

Hello everyone, i have a requirement to build a report on a object .

i have a object called some object_X__c and i have two recordtypes on this object 1) type_A, 2)type_B , And  i have a amount__c field
so when i create a few rocords on each recordtype let us say 5 or 6 records on each. I have to  caluculate total amount on amount field depends upon name__c field as same name for those total amounts and then i have to create a report which name(employee) of records  total amount greater than $75  and i need to flag those records which are >$75.
Waqar Hussain SFWaqar Hussain SF
You data structure is not correct. For this requirement you will need two object.
Object1__c (Parent object)
Object2__c (Child Object)

Parent object will have Name field, And Amount field.
Child object will have Record type and other fields.

Both objects will have master-detail relationship and Amount field will be rollup summary field.

The rollup summary field will calculate the total amount. THen you can create a report using this schema.