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Integration Question

scenario :   Case is created in Salesforce,  Immediatly this case details be moved to third patry systems ( .net system, java sysstem,.......)
how can i do this ?
example : 
case # 12345 created in salesforce, immediatly case reflected in third party systems like java ,.net or some other systems.
Due to project cost, not going for opiton use third party integration tools like Dell boomi......or any other tools.

please provide any ideas on this requirement 
I would recommend looking into all of the integration patterns and practices provided by Salesforce here:

Your scenario sounds like a "fire and forget" would work, but you can review based on your specific requirements.
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I would recommend looking into all of the integration patterns and practices provided by Salesforce here:

Depending on your 3rd app if it supports WebServices or REST you could write APEX code to push the data that way.
Informatica use to have a free data integration version with limited features and would be more applicable if your destination was a database or simialr entity where data could be applied.
Mohan ChanderMohan Chander

Simplest solution :

On After Insert of the Case --> Fire Trigger --> Do a rest callout to the endpoint (java, .Net) (future call)  --> Send case data in the callout --> Third Party System consumes the Case date --> Gives the external Id of the case i.e Primary key of thier system --> Story of the External id for future reference.

Depending on the data volumes, External system webservices and other parameters we can change the approach as to how we integrate to the third party.

Raj GrewalRaj Grewal
Look into change data capture, and you can use midleware tools like mulesoft ot other tools that can suscribe to channel
Hi, here is the solution https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/41440/system-calloutexception-you-have-uncommitted-work-pending

you need to insert the record and then do a callout in @future method