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Nauman ShahidNauman Shahid 

Salesforce platform 1 questions lattest

Experts Response Required on below questions

1- If you have a standard controller and a custom extension, in Visual Force page and you have save(Action) method defined in extension as well. If we put {!save} in our VF page, what will happen
a- Both save action methods from standard and extension will be executed one by one ?
b- Only extension Save action will execute?
c- Only standard controller Save action will execute?

2- Bulk orders imported to Salesforce. If we want to match email field against contact and opportunity then what will be the best approach to do it
a- Workflow
b- process builder
c- Apex

3- With which on these options can we run tests
a- MetaData API
b- Bulk API
c- Tooling API

4- Can we use InlineCSS in salesforce visual force page?

5- If we have SelectOptions tag in visualforce page and we only want to display the selected option data in page, what can be the best approach
a- using custom controller with data in lists for each option?
b- on page rendering

6- If you have lightening component with a list of account.How can you enable havor for it?

7- if you have a related field compnaignmanager in Lead object. and when you convert Lead to new Account.Opportunity,contact then where will the compaignmanager will show as Lookup field
a- Account
b- Opportuntiy
c- contact

8- What is the SOQL command to be used for controlling SQL injections?

9- To access owner from accounts object in a visual force page(Standard controller = contact), use {!contact.account.owner}. True/False?

10- What is the best approach to display list of account on a VF page.
a- Extension Controller
b- List Controller
c- Custom Controller
Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Nauman,

1-Only standard controller Save action will execute
2- process builder
3-MetaData API
4-Yes, you can use CSS in salesforce visual force page same as CSS used. 
5-using custom controller with data in lists for each option
6-Please follow this procedure if you are an admin.
    1. Set up --> click on "Switch to Lightning"
    2. Choose Account Tab --> Open an Account record
    3. Click on "Settings" Icon on top right corner on the same page.
    4. This will open up "Lightning App Builder" where you can drag and drop the Lightning components.
    5. Now, You see the list of components in the center of the page.
    6. Hover over the Insights components and Drag it, keep scrolling down.
    7. Drop it next to another component.
    8. Click on Save button.
    9. You are done.
8-Given URL provide you all information about SOQL injection--

   Prevent SOQL Injection using string.escapeSingleQuotes();

   There are a number of techniques you can use to prevent SOQL injection, but how you use them depends on what you’re trying to accomplish      with your query.

   1-Static queries with bind variables
   3-Type casting
   4-Replacing characters

10-List Controller

I hope you find the above solution helpful. If it does, please mark as Best Answer to help others too.

Thanks and Regards,
Deepali Kulshrestha