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syeda syedasyeda syeda 

Hi all, I have a urgent requirement what is the problem is:

i have two vfpages. In one vfpage i have some pageblocks on each pageblock i have pageblocksections in one of the pageblock i need to add another vfpage pageblocksections. i have tried <apex:include> but it does not work cause of nested form tag. on each vfpage i have standardcontroller and extensions. when i tried to use code in the first page it is referencing the second vfpage standardcontroller name but we can not use two standardcontrollers in same vfpage. please help me it would be saved me.

Harpreet On CloudHarpreet On Cloud
Is it for code re-use that you want to include a VF page into another VF Page? If yes, is it possible to break VF page(s) into VF component(s) and then use those components into different VF pages.
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Hi syeda,
To use a VF page in another VF page you need to use apex:iframe
It will look something like this:
<apex:iframe src="{!pageNameVariable}" />
How you want to use it in your code will totally depend on your VF page.

Let me know if it helps.