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Ankit Gupta SFDCLearnerAnkit Gupta SFDCLearner 

Share profile to multiple users with different permitions

My Question is this

I have a sObject name "object1", having one profile name "profile1" which have all permitionss (create, edit, delete, view, viewAll, modifyAll) for sObject (object1), now I assigned that profile to User1, user2. Now I wants to assign same profile (profile1) to user3, but the condition is this user3 only have a create permition, how would I achive this. I know by permition set we can add new permitions but we can not degrade permitions.

Please reply

Harpreet On CloudHarpreet On Cloud
Better would be to create a profile with only Create access and assign User1, User2, User3 to it. Then create a Permission Set giving Edit, Delete, ModifyAll and ViewAll permissions on Object1 and assign User2 and User3 to the permission set. As you correctly said that permission set cannot degrade the access, it can only increase access.

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Ankit Gupta SFDCLearnerAnkit Gupta SFDCLearner
Thanks friend for your reply, I now this can be a solution. But when you are in interview you can not tell this. Asked this same question in several intervies like TCS, IBM, Accenture, Mirketa, kloudrac, Navatar Group