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Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith 

Process Automation Specialist Challenge 2

I seem to be the only one having difficulty with this portion of the Challenge 2.  In the video it asks that in the Account Object, if Type "Customer-Direct", or  "Customer-Channel", are selected that the "Account Name" can NOT be changed.  Below is the error message I received and the formula I used to try and complete the task.  I thought this was pretty straightforward, but I'm obviously missing something.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Error Message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
A validation rule did not prevent an Account's name from being changed when Type is 'Customer - Direct'.

Validation Rule Detail
Rule Name Block_Account_Name_ChangeActive
Error Condition Formula

ISPICKVAL( Type , "Customer-Direct"),
ISPICKVAL( Type , "Customer-Channel")))
Error MessageYou may not change the Account Name.Error LocationTop of Page
Saurabh TyagiSaurabh Tyagi
Hi Stephanie,
Can you pls confirm that your validation rule is active.
Silly ChampSilly Champ
Happy to help! Thanks for leaving a comment. https://www.publixoasis.us/