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Deepika M 16Deepika M 16 

Einstein Bot Builder - Train Bot status failed,Any root cause?

Am trying to create a simple Bot from Einstein Bot Builder,As per the instructions created and configured but 
1. When i click on Train Bot getting below error "Looks like your training job didn’t complete. Try again."
2. Status should be success to connect Bot ?
3. Getting below error when we do preview from builder.
Please share your thoughts/ Links if any one configured successfully.
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Reference :

Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
Hi Deepika!

I also have the same problem with the bot not training the intents. Did you solve this?
Mike BodilyMike Bodily
I am having the same issue as well. 
Same here. I am able to train intent models via API, but not via the bot intent UI.
Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
@bighappyface, Hi David, can I ask what API you used to train your intent models? I am currently failing to train my intent models. 
@Ceejay Quach 2 while I was able to upload datasets (dialog intents) and train an intent model on it via the API, I am not able to connect the dataset or the trained model with the chatbot. I mentioned my success with the API to indicate that the Einstein Language API works, my dataset was valid, and that the issue likely lies in the chatbot "Intent Management" implementation.

This documentation will walk you through the Einstein Language API and how to produce a trained intent model -

Also, I have opened a case with my production support team to help with bot training. I will post any outcomes in this thread.
Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
@bighappyface Oh, I understand what you mean. Thank you for linking me to the documentation, I appreciate it.

I am also speaking with the support team, so hopefully one of us will find a solution to the "Intent Management."
We have figured out a fix.

The problem is that we have to complete step 4 of these instructions:
Check for an email from Salesforce Einstein Platform Services. Link your Salesforce Einstein Platform Services account to a certificate in your Salesforce org.
If you don't have a certificate yet, from Setup, enter Security in the Quick Find box, then select Security | Certificate and Key Management and click Create Self-Signed Certificate. For more information, see Generate a Self-Signed Certificate.

Here are the steps I followed to get things going:
  1. Generate a self-signed certificate per the instructions
  2. Toggle Einstein Bots on/off to trigger the welcome email to be sent to the user that does the toggle
  3. Click the "Production" link in the email to navigate to " Key Management"
  4. Select the certificate to use with Einstein Platform Services
After that, I was able to train the chatbot, and all is well. Attached is an image of what the welcome email looks like.

I hope this helps.

Einstein Platform Services Welcome Email
Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
@bighappyface Wow David, I'm speechless. I've been stuck on the Intent Mangement Beta for over a week, and you've solved it! Thank you so much for all the help and your detaied instructions. Within minutes, I was able to create my certificate, connect it with Einstein Platform Services, and train my bot.

I've looked over the Salesforce docs numerous times in the last week, but I'm not sure how I skipped over Step 4 every time. Good eye!

Best of luck to you going forward with developing your bot!
Shane James 13Shane James 13
Announce your bot as a bot and not a human to manage expectations
Define one core use case and stick to it. Bots who do it all fails
Be very specific on your target audience to create a bot that suits their needs
I did the same as mentioned by @bighappyface. But, my bot is still showing failed as status.
Can anyone pls guide ?

Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
@Rahul Which steps have you already completed? Did you fill out the pre-chat form completely? Have you added the Einstein Bot to your chat-button?
@ bighappyface ,Thanks that fixed.

Hi All,
Please find the step-by-step post for Einstein Bot creation and training and connecting successfully.

@ Ceejay Quach 2
Yes I configured chat button and certificate key management as well. But, still the training bot is failing.
Please guide me on training the bot.

Ceejay Quach 2Ceejay Quach 2
@Rahul, Try opening a case with Salesforce Support on
They can do a screen share and help figure out why your bot may be failing.
Guy Sylverans 2Guy Sylverans 2
What you could double check is your intent lists. They all need to be UNIQUELY > 20 elements of input. So if you accidentally have a duplicate which makes that you are ending up at 19 UNIQUE, this will make that you end up with the FAILED result.
Thanks @Guy Sylvernas, your post worked for me. Seriously salesforce has no logs to find what went wrong and why the training bot failed. I added 20 intents to dialogs and tried to train but always failing and couldn't get to failed reason. After going through your post I just added more intents to all, That's all magic happend. brought smiles.
In case you are having difficulty setting up the Bot check out my video:
Durga PaavanDurga Paavan
If anybody is facing this issue, please clone your current bot version and disable einstein intent in any not required dialogs. Also, provide minimum 20 utterences in intent sets or dialogs.