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Venkatesh KashyapVenkatesh Kashyap 

Partner Account Layout Error in TrailHead challenge

Even after removing the necessary fields it says make sure you have removed the correct fields from the layout. I think some kind of bug is causing this issue and its really annoying. Before it said partner account layout could not be found and now this. Attached are the screenshots of the error message and my layout page. Kindly fix this or if thers a way around it let me know.

User-added image

User-added image

Has Support Plan
Support Plan Expiration Date 

These are the fields which were asked to remove in the challenge for this layout.
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Venkatesh,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

Once you drag the region, zone, has support plan, and support plan expiration to the respective sections you have to preview the layout and then save it as customer account layout and assign the same layout to all profiles.

Now you have to create a new account layout by cloning the default account layout and give the name as 'partner account layout'.

Then remove the Rating, Region, Zone, Has Support Plan, Support Plan Expiration Date, and Support Level fields from the partner account layout.

Now assign the partner account layout to the consulting user profile which should probably help you pass the challenge.

Also, I would request you post the screenshots of what you have done so far so that we can look into it and can help you accordingly.

Happy to help further.

Kindly mark this as solved if the reply was helpful.

Diane Roberts 3Diane Roberts 3
This did not help me. I have a similar error and even with the page showing, it being assigned etc. it still isn't letting me pass the verify step.
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User-added image
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Josip KrajnovićJosip Krajnović

I've had the same issue "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Couldn't find the Partner Account Layout.".
I continued to the next unit where you create a Record Type "Partner Account".
After assigning that record type to only these three profiles "Partner App Subscription User, Partner Community Login User and Partner Community User" and applying the Partner Account Layout to all profiles in the record type as instructed I checked again the previous unit and passed.
Diane Roberts 3Diane Roberts 3
Thank you! Going to the next module worked. I could go back and the verification worked. Diane
Why? It was working after passing next challenge. :(
Ivan De Los Santos 9Ivan De Los Santos 9
I applied the account layout to the master.  The layout includes the field rating, and the sections region and zone,with their respective fields.
Then, make sure the partner layout does not include the rating, region, zone, has support plan and support plan expiration date. 

Then validate the assignment. 
Mahathi SarsaniMahathi Sarsani
This didnt help me, I have completed other modules, but still the error shows up.
Lindsey Cumming 14Lindsey Cumming 14
I was having this issue as well and I found that I when I assigned the page layout I hadn't scrolled down through the profiles so I'd actually only changed the assignment on half the profiles.
Applied changes to all profiles and I was able to pass the challenge
nitin maniknitin manik
Best answer! It actually works.
福強 楊福強 楊
Do you make sure you did ①&② ?
①Click Edit Assignment, then complete the assignment screen.
 Click the top of the Customer Account column. This should highlight the entire column.
②Click Edit Assignment.
 Click the top of the Partner Account column. This should highlight entire the colu
I had same issue ( MAKE SURE YOU REMOVED THE CORRECT  FIELDS FORM THE PARTNER ACCOUNT LAYOUT). So many times i checked the fields from the partner account layout and even delete that layout and creating it again several times but actually the mistake was not on that partner account layout because rating,zone, has support plan and support plan expiration date was all removed. But then I tried to check the pagelayout assignment again, my mistake  was i selected FIRST (Page layout to use ) drop down menu and selected Partner Account Layout and then highlighted the Partner Account column and save it but then you have to always verify everything before you save it because even though you selected the page layout to use ( Partner Account Layout ) FIRST and then highlighted  the Partner account Column,you still have to make sure you selected AGAIN the (Partner Account Layout) in page layout to use option and save it. Or otherwise select/Highlight the Partner Account Column first and select Partner Account Layout on the page layout to use option then you dont have to worry filling again the page layout to use option because you might forget filling it up again and error wil come.
It helped me and was able to pass the challenge.
Denisa CekreziDenisa Cekrezi
Make sure u have Assign the Customer Account Layout and the  Partner Account Layout in the Edit Assignment.User-added image
Amitesh PataraAmitesh Patara
please help me...I have created both partner account and customer account but while editing assignment it shows only two column that too 2nd column is "Showing" ..and while varifying it gives error 'We couldn't find the Customer Account Layout.'User-added image
Parviz Keyhan 2Parviz Keyhan 2
Nothing is working for me. I don't see the three Partners profiles ion EditAssignmen> Page Layouts to use drop down. Please help.
Nikita Saini 4Nikita Saini 4
Ensure the new sections have been added to the Customer Account Layout and that the Customer Account Layout has been assigned to the Customer Account column.
this error accour even i add the section to customer account layout
Nikita Saini 4Nikita Saini 4
please help me
Zoey CarrubbaZoey Carrubba
I am having the same problem as Nikita Saini 4 but i am having it with Custom Account Layout. This is the error i am getting. Ensure the new sections have been added to the Customer Account Layout and that the Customer Account Layout has been assigned to the Customer Account column. User-added image
can someone help me.
Swapnil Khodankar 9Swapnil Khodankar 9
Kindly check the Page Layout NameRecord Type Label spelling properly, maybe some extra character is adding if you are copy-pasting the label name from the trailhead. In my case extra dot [.] character is added in Record Type name i.e. instead of Partner Account its created as Partner Account.
SriHarsha KotaSriHarsha Kota
Hi all,

Am unable to find these fields under Account information section :  Region, Zone, Has Support Plan, Support Plan Expiration Date. Tried by using various playgrounds and still end up with the same issue. 
Seeking your guidance to resolve this.

You have to make sure that both Page Layout To Use selected as Partner Account Layout and Record Type : Partner Account selected as partner account layout. 
User-added image