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sohaib ansari 17sohaib ansari 17 

How can I enable Person Accounts on my developer org

How can I enable Person Accounts on my Salesforce Developer Edition? According to some research I found out that It can be enable by creating a case but unfortunately I am unable to create case from my developer account.

I tried contacting the Salesforce support but they were saying they can't do any help on this and I only need to post a question here and their developers can enable Person Accounts on my Org.

​Please help me on this. Thanks
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
You need to log a ticket to salesforce to enable Person Accounts in Dev Edition.
To log a ticket -> Login into your Dev Edition -> Click on "Help" at the Top -> Click on "My Cases" -> Click On "Log A Case" -> Select the Case Reason as "Feature Activation Request" -> Select  "Feature Activation" in  "General Activation Area" and ask for the Person Account Enablement.
Let me know if it this helps.
sohaib ansari 17sohaib ansari 17
Thanks Narender for the quick response. But unfortunately When I click on Help at the Top, it is redirecting me to the help page that continuously asking me for logging in oevr and over again despite being enters my credentials several times. In short it is not allowing me to login to the help area. Not sure if this problem is temporary with the salesforce or permanent.
Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
try doing the same in incognito mode.
sohaib ansari 17sohaib ansari 17
I just tried that and the same thing is happening. Even the querystring in the url shows something like "Unable to find the User ID". This is only happening with the developer account. When I logged in with the Production instance, it is letting me logged in to the Help and support without any issue.
Please have your chatter profile created.
sohaib ansari 17sohaib ansari 17
Thanks Subham. Can you let me know little more on how to create the chatter profile?
Let’s do this.

go to https://success.salesforce.com/
on top right , click on log in and provide the username and password of your Salesforce org.

now in a separate tab, login to your developer org and now click on help, it should log you in this time. Scroll down and at right side you will see case support and services . Follow the link and you can create cases now
sohaib ansari 17sohaib ansari 17
I just tried that too today but still the same issue is occurring. Thanks Subham for explaining in detail.

I'm having this exact same issue. Accessing support while logged into my Dev Org sends me through an endless loop in which I am unable to submit a case.
1) Click Help from within Dev Edition Org -> https://help.salesforce.com/home and I am now logged out.
2) Click "Contact Support" ->  Login Page.
3) Attempt to Log in -> https://help.salesforce.com/home and I am now logged out again.
4) Attempt to Login directly from help home redirects back to help home and am logged out again.
5) Same happens in incognito.

Attempted to resolve a few other ways:
1) Calling Salesforce Tech Support Phone Number - Automated system that tells you 
2) Looking through forum for how tos, all of which are "Submit a Case", see login issues above.
3) One forum post said to contact @asksalesforce via DM on Twitter -> "Unfortunately we do not have an ability to support Dev orgs. You can try our forums or chat support. ^RG"
4) At recommendation of @asksalesforce, contact Chat Agent -> "As much as I would love to help, I'm more Sales focused and cannot provide Technical Support. Please try calling 1 (415) 901-7010 or contacting Support@Salesforce.com"
5) Having already tried the phone number, try emailing support@salesforce.com -> "We no longer accept non-automated support requests sent to: support@salesforce.com, support@emea.salesforce.com, and premiersupport@salesforce.com. "

soooooo yeah. How do I enable Person Accounts in a Dev Org?

*Calling Salesforce Tech Support Phone Number - Automated system that tells you to submit a case through online portal.