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How to run this formula in a report


I'm trying to run a report that should validate as follows. The system isn't accepting it and I probably have it parsed incorrectly. Can someone take a look please?

(1 AND 3 (OR  2 (OR  (4 AND 5))) AND 6)
Manish  ChoudhariManish Choudhari

Can you try like below?

(1 AND (3 OR 2 OR (4 AND 5)) AND 6)

Let me know if this helps.

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It now accepts it but I realized that I probably have to adjust my logic.
I need to exclude from the report the (4 and 5) if it is true.

Everything else is right. Any ideas?
Manish  ChoudhariManish Choudhari
Can you explain what is exactly the logic, may be I can help you building the formula
Ok. I have the following
1. Responsible Company = Enterprise Insurance Group (Has to be True)
2. Record Type Not Equal to X (Can't be X)
3. Status is Active (Has to be true)
4.  Record Type is W
5. Account Size is greater than 15000
(If 4 and 5 are true, it excludes that record)
6. Special Account not equal to true (If true it excludes it)

I have everything running great except how to word the logic for (4 and 5) = true is removed.
Manish  ChoudhariManish Choudhari
Can you change your filter at 4 and 5 like below:
4. Record Type In (here you can give all record type names except W) , or may be you can do Record type != W
5. Account size <15000

and let the formula be same.
Manish, I don't understand why or how I would do Record Type ! = W
Could you please explain?
Manish  ChoudhariManish Choudhari
Can you send me your report filter screenshot?