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Inderjeet Sagoo 12Inderjeet Sagoo 12 

How to create link to the record on Vf page pop up?

hello I am tryogn to mkae the record# as the link to the record detail page from VF.Please help:
Below is the part of VF page for that section:
i am tryign to make putReservation as a link:

<apex:pageBlockSection title="Conference Room Reservation" columns="1">
             <tr><td id='firsrTD'> <span class='firstSpan'>Reservation #: </span></td><td><span id='putReservation'></span></td></tr>
             <tr><td>  <span class='firstSpan'>Meeting Title: </span></td><td><span id='putTitle'></span></td></tr>
             <tr><td>  <span class='firstSpan'>Reservation status: </span> </td><td> <span id='putStatus'> </span></td></tr>
Avishek Nanda 14Avishek Nanda 14
Hello Inderjeet,

Wrap the detail inside Apex Outputlink with Target blank attribute. Something like below. Below Code would show Case number on VF page when clicked would open the details. Change the details according to your need. 
<td><apex:outputLink value="/{!}" id="theLink" target="_blank">{!csTask.cs.CaseNumber}</apex:outputLink></td>
Let me know if this helps. 
Avishek Nanda