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Anuj Joshi 42Anuj Joshi 42 

FLS checking for the code

Hi All,

I want to check FLS permissions at field level since it comes as an issue in checkmarx report. The below code is
global class AsyncApexClass{

public static void sendEmail(Set<Id> sendList){
List <Notes__c> notesList = new List<Notes__c>();
for(List<EmailMessage> emailmsglist:[select Id,parentId,Parent.Email__c,Parent.Contact.Email,ToAddress, FromAddress, Subject, TextBody, HTMLBody, CreatedDate from EmailMessage where id in :sendList] )
        for(EmailMessage emlist :emailmsglist){

             Notes__c note= new Notes__c(); // Create a note object 
             note.Case__c= emlist.parentid;
                 IF (emlist.HTMLBody != NULL && emlist.HTMLBody != ''){
                 note.Message__c = emlist.HTMLBody;
                 else {
                 note.Message__c = emlist.TextBody;
             note.Sent_To__c = emlist.ToAddress;
             note.From__c = emlist.FromAddress;
             note.Subject__c = emlist.Subject;
             note.Datetime_Created__c = emlist.CreatedDate;
             if (emlist.Parent.Contact.Email == emlist.ToAddress || emlist.Parent.Email__c == emlist.ToAddress) // If the email is the same as Case's contact email or Email__c on Case itself, the type is a response.
             note.Type__c = 'Response';
             else {
             note.Type__c = 'Forward/Others';
             notesList.add(note); // Add note object to the list
// If the note list has records, insert the list.
if(notesList.size()>0) {
       insert notesList;

Kindly help me how to check FLS pers=missions at field level and kindly tell me how to test the code after changes.

Narender Singh(Nads)Narender Singh(Nads)
Check this link:

This will tell you everything you need to implement FLS in your code
Hi Anuj,

You can find here how to implement CRUD FLS for various objects in salesforce .