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Sandra WicketSandra Wicket 

PageReference PDF Chrome Network Error

Hello guys,

I have 2 visualforce pages and 1 apex controller extension for both. On the first page I capture some information that is displayed on the second page (renderAs PDF).  On the first page, one Button is using this simple methode to open the second page.
public PageReference quotePage(){     
        PageReference qPage = Page.quote2;        	
return qPage;

There is no problem showing a pdf preview, but the chrome download function is not working. Chrome is not able to recognize the pdf format in the save option. I have already deleted my cookies but the error still appears.  Firefox works fine, but it is important for us to do it with google chrome.  

If i open the pdf page directly it is not a problem for chrome to download it..So the problem should be the controller methode. 

Thanks for your help guys ! i hope there is a simple solution for that.


Sandra W 
Waqar Hussain SFWaqar Hussain SF
Sandra WicketSandra Wicket
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately i have already tried the advices of the chrome forum. What a pitty. :(
Amanda McKellar 4Amanda McKellar 4
I have this exact same problem.  Have tried everything and searched everywhere.  Nothing seems to work.  Seems like from what I've read, that perhaps Apex/Visualforce is not setting the "content-length" header properly in this situation (something we don't have control over).  Did you find a solution?
Sandra WicketSandra Wicket
Unfortunately not. The only solution is to print the site as a pdf. 

Greetings Sandra