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Trigger Apex Class before upfate

I want to create test class for this trigger: 
trigger TriggerApprovalCommentOpp on Opportunity (before update) {
             List<Opportunity> opptyList =  [Select id,
                                                   (Select Id, 
                                                    FROM ProcessSteps
                                                ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC) 
                                                    From opportunity
                                                WHERE Id IN : Trigger.new];

             if(opptyList.size() > 0){

               for(Opportunity opp : opptyList){
                for(Opportunity opp1 : Trigger.new) {
                         //check copy comment is true
                         if(opp.id == opp1.id && opp1.CopierCommentaires__c) {
                           if (opp.ProcessSteps.size() > 0) {
                         opp1.Drniercommentairedapprobation__c = opp.ProcessSteps[1].Comments;
                         opp1.CopierCommentaires__c = false;

Can you help me.

Create couple of opportunities and make sure that CopierCommentaires__c is FALSE and add process steps to only few opportunities and then update opp making CopierCommentaires__c to TRUE. Finally verify that CopierCommentaires__c  is False using system.assert.

Hope this helps...!!