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Suraj DemgundeSuraj Demgunde 

When i fire this trigger getting class error because Quote.Net_Amount_in_Text__c = enw.convert(Quote.Total_After_VAT__c); value is likw 1230.00 so gave decimal error now i want this trigger value as only 1230 how it is possible ?

trigger SVMXUPG_convertNumberToWord on SVMXC__Quote__c (before insert, before update) {
    EnglishNumberToWords enw = new EnglishNumberToWords();
    for(SVMXC__Quote__c Quote: Trigger.new){
        Quote.Net_Amount_in_Text__c = enw.convert(Quote.Total_After_VAT__c);
Suraj DemgundeSuraj Demgunde
help me guys its very urgent
v varaprasadv varaprasad
Hi Suraj,

please check once below snippet code : 
decimal deciml = enw.convert(Quote.Total_After_VAT__c);
if(deciml != null){
 integer amt = deciml.intValue();
 Quote.Net_Amount_in_Text__c = amt;

Hope this helps you!
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