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How to Implement Box.com with VisualForce Page with Error Argument Cannot Be Null


I'm currently implementing a box.com (similar to dropbox or google drive) file upload setup with Salesforce. Fortunately, there's an app on AppExchange and some instructions on how to implement it in Salesforce.

The client says they want it on each object and custom object page layout. 

The box.com instructions have the following code (I replaced the generic object name with "Task" for this case):

The visualforce page name is: Task_Box_Section.vfp

<apex:page standardController="Task"
<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.box__BoxEmbed, 'BoxEmbed/style.css')}"/>
<apex:iframe src="/apex/box__BOXSection?id={!Task.Id}&param=Task_Box_Section"
<apex:iframe src="{!folderShareLink}"


Do you see anything that I'm doing wrong ? It's supposed to show up a file upload section, but nothing shows up and there's an error instead.

"Argument cannot be null. An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (box)"

May you please assist?