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Srinath R 9Srinath R 9 

Salesforce Report List Segmentation Challenge

Dear Gurus,
I have a requirement to divide a long list into multiple segments. Each segment would have different row counts. I want to know if this can be achieved using standard salesforce reporting. For example , if I have a list of 100 contacts in my Org , I want to divide , segment or group this list into lets say 3 segments. Segment 1 would be the top 25 contacts from the 100 , Segment 2 will be the next 30 records in the list (Excluding the top 25) , Segment 3 would be the last 45 records in this list. 
Would be great if this can be achived using standard salesforce reports. Even if any custom app exchange tools do this , please let me know.
Segment Example