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Access to enable few fields in objects.

Hi All,

I have created the permission set and assign read only access to all the fields of the object. Here my requirement is to give edit access to few fields but when i check Edit access in field permission for those particular fields of the object then it is not working and suppose if i give the access in object permission then all the fields become editable. I need on those few fields which should be editable for that permission set.


Hi Anish,

Let's start by separating Profiles and Permission Sets.   Each User gets a single Profile, but users can belong to multiple Permission Sets.  A User's access to objects and fields is determined by the combination of the access provided by that User's Profile and all the Permission Sets they belong to.

For your use case, if the User's Profile does not have any access to the object and/or fields, then all the access will be controlled by the Permission Set.  If you define the Permission Set to allow Edit on the object, and Edit on a single field, then that's what the User will have access to.  You can set the Visible and Edit flag for all the fields of that object.

If you go to the field and define Field Access, you are changing the Profile definition.  The resulting permissions for a User will be a combination of what's allowed by their Profile, and what's allowed by their Permission Set.

Make sure the User's Profile does not have any settings for the object or the fields.  Then, in the Permission Set, define the access level you want the user to have (for example, Edit the object, and only Edit the single field (all the other fields should be defined as Read-only).

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