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Neema Gudur 8Neema Gudur 8 

Workaround to do fast lookup using collection variable in a visual flow

I am trying to use a flow to achieve the following. I need to update the End Date on all pse__Schedule__c records associated to a project. To do this I am querying(fast lookup) the pse__Assignment__c records that are associated to the project. Then looping through the Assignment collection to collect the pse__Schedule__c record ids(using the lookup field on the Assignment record) into a collection variable. My intention was to do a fast lookup using the collection variable containing the schedule record ids. Loop the Schedule sobject collection, assign the end date and update using fast update. I figured I cannot use a fast lookup on a collection variable. Has anyone found a workaround in visual flow to achieve this? or Is apex invocable method the only viable solution to this?