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How to Lookup to Picklist Field From Another Custom Object


I currently have a custom object (example: customObject__c). This object is related to another custom object (example: customObject2__c). I would like to have my custom object have a new field lookup to a picklist field from the second custom object.

I was thinking about approaching this as a formula field and then have it return text. I'm not sure if I'm going about this the wrong way.

This is what I have so far:
How may I approach this? Should I be doing this a different way? What are my options?

Prashant Pandey07Prashant Pandey07
Yes..that's the correct way to return picklist value as text.

Note- You cannot use TEXT() on multi-select picklists. Multi-select picklists are not recommended in formula fields.

Ramana PillaRamana Pilla

I used same formula field, but it returned recordID value instead of real picklist value. How do i get the picklist value ? Both the fields are picklist. Could you please suggest on this.

Karthikeyan VKarthikeyan V
Hi, Are you found any solution ? Is yes, please post the solution.