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lightning:datatable : How to display a normal link at row-level?


I have a lightning:datatable that is fully working, however my management is asking for a slight change, but I cannot find how to do this in the documentation.

For each row of the table, there is a Details button available but first the users must click on the  Down arrow next to it.
This Details button call a JS method in the controller, and the JS method is able to see which row was clicked.

See screenshot :

User-added image
My management wants a simple link instead of the Details button.
Of course this link should be able to call the same JS method, and the JS method should be able to see which row was clicked.

Is that possible?

Here is my code currently :
<lightning:datatable data="{!v.searchResults}" columns="{!v.resultColumns}"  keyField="siret" hideCheckboxColumn="true" onrowaction="{!c.seeDetails}" />
init: function (component, event, helper) {
        //This method is called on initialization
        //It formats the lightning:dataTable that will display the results with the appropriate columns and data types
         var actions = [
            { label: 'Détails', name: 'show_details' },
        component.set('v.resultColumns', [
             		{label: 'Provenance', 						fieldName: 'provenanceAsIcon', 		    				cellAttributes: { iconName: { fieldName: 'provenanceAsIconName' }, iconLabel: { fieldName: 'provenanceAsIconLabel' } }},
             		{label: 'Siret', 							fieldName: 'siret', 					type: 'text'},
            		{label: 'Nom du Compte / Raison Sociale', 	fieldName: 'nomCompteRaisonSociale', 	type: 'text'},
                    {label: 'Adresse', 							fieldName: 'adresse', 					type: 'text'},
            		{label: 'CP', 								fieldName: 'cp', 						type: 'text'},
            		{label: 'Ville', 							fieldName: 'ville', 					type: 'text'},
            		{ type: 'action', typeAttributes: { rowActions: actions } }
seeDetails: function (cmp, event, helper) {
        //This method is called when the user clicks on "Voir les détails" at the row-level of the results
        //First it checks if the row that was clicked is a SF or CS record
        //Retrieving the provenance (SF or CS) and recordId of the row that was clicked
        var row = event.getParam('row');
        var rows = cmp.get('v.searchResults');
        var rowIndex = rows.indexOf(row);
        var provenance = rows[rowIndex]['provenance'];
        var recordId = rows[rowIndex]['recordId'];

	//More processing...

Alain CabonAlain Cabon
Url :
cmp.set('v.mycolumns', [
            {fieldName: 'link', type: 'url',typeAttributes: { label: 'Opportunity Link' }}

 cmp.set('v.mydata', [{
            link: '/one/one.app?#/sObject/0065800000a4oEPAAY/view'

Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi Breton,

There are some limitations in lightning data table tag. In your case, you need to create a SLDS Lightning Datatable.

I don't think is possible in lightning data table tag.

Please go through the below link.

Please select as best answer if it helps you.

Thank You,
Ajay Dubedi
Thanks Alain
With your post I could indeed display a link in the table, but as I said in the first post I should be able to call the same JS method, and the JS method should be able to see which row was clicked.
All in all, I don't think that what I am asking is possible and that links can only launch static URLs.
Otherwise I may need to try Ajay's solution but that forces me to fully reshape my data table,which I do not want.
And not even sure I could call a method controller with this different way.
Thanks for the inputs though.
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
You want the detail page called from a link ?

You can replace the static value of the Id with a variable (Opp.Id) inside a loop, etc.
cmp.set('v.mycolumns', [
            {fieldName: 'link', type: 'url',typeAttributes: { label: 'Opportunity Link' }}

 cmp.set('v.mydata', [{
            link: '/one/one.app?#/sObject/' + Opp.Id + '/view'

There is no problem and that works for my test ( action : Detail for you  = url :  Id + '/view'  for me)

If you want an other process more complicated than a simple view detail for an object, you need an action indeed.
My issue is not about how to put an Id in the link.
It's about calling a JS method of the controller from the link.
I don't think it's feasible
fatih berber 7fatih berber 7
{label:"Provenance",fieldName: 'Link', type: 'url',typeAttributes: { label: { fieldName: 'provenanceAsIconName' }  }},
controller return interface
Link='/one/one.app?#/sObject/' + provenanceAsIconName.Id + '/view';