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Apex- Oreder by - Field cannot be sorted

I tried to sort an object in Query Editor but I get this error: 
[object Object]: name from campaignmember ORDER BY Type_d_inscription__c ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:65 field 'Type_d_inscription__c' can not be sorted in a query call

This is my query: 
select Type_d_inscription__c, name  from campaignmember ORDER BY Type_d_inscription__c

My Field is Multi-Select Filed type.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Refer to below statement in the salesforce developer document.

These data types are not supported: multi-select picklist, rich text area, long text area, encrypted (if enabled), and data category group reference (if Salesforce Knowledge is enabled).

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Shruti SShruti S
Unfortunately you cannot sort by a Multi picklist field. That being said, you can create a Formula Field with a return type of text with the below formula - 
    IF(INCLUDES(Fruits__c, "Apple"),  "Apple,",  NULL) +
    IF(INCLUDES(Fruits__c, "Banana"), "Banana,", NULL) +
    IF(INCLUDES(Fruits__c, "Cherry"), "Cherry,", NULL) + ".",
And you can then sort by this Formula Field like -
ORDER BY Formula_Field__c