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Elisabetta GherardiElisabetta Gherardi 

Hi all, I keep failing this challenge but I think I am doing everything right - any ideas about this error message?

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Ganesh Hembram 21Ganesh Hembram 21
Hi Elisabetta,

As per the error, its seems like you are missing required field value at the time of DML(inserting record). And the field name is Case_Department__c

Ganesh Hembram
Elisabetta GherardiElisabetta Gherardi
hI Ganesh, 
I figured that out but there is no required field with that name as far as I can see! Thanks anyway
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Go to Case object and check under fields and relationships,if you have the Case_Department__c field and remove it as required field.

If this does not help you,create new trailhead playground and work over there just to avoid the conflicts which occured due to some pre exixting configuration.

Best Regards,
Elisabetta GherardiElisabetta Gherardi
Thanks, this field does not even exist in the Case object!!
It is so weird.
Thanks anyway