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Diane Roberts 3Diane Roberts 3 

How do I include a visualforce page in my lightning app

I have created a Visualforce Page titled NewActionListView.vfp. The code is listed below:
<apex:page controller="NewActionListController">
     <apex:pageblock title="User Actions List" id="actions_list"> 
        <apex:repeat var="act" value="{! newActions }" rendered="true"  id="action_list"  >
                <apex:outputLink value="/{!act.ID}" >
                    <apex:outputText value="{! act.Name}"/>

The controller - NewActionListController.apxc referenced is listed below:
public class NewActionListController {
public List<ACT_Action__c> getnewActions() { 
        List<ACT_Action__c> results = Database.query(
        'SELECT ID, Name FROM ACT_Action__c');
    return results;

It creates a simple listing from a custom object ACT_Action__c. 

I am trying to insert it into my Lightning App ACT Tracker. However, when I go to add a Visualforce Page, I don't see the NewActionListView page listed. Is there something else that I need to add to my code?
You can embed your vfpage inside a lightning component using iframe.
Refer the link.