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CTI Integration of two phone systems in one org

Hi guys,

i am quite new into CTI Integration so please bare with me.  ;)
We have following requirements: 

Integrate two phone systems:
  • 3CX 
    • This system claims to have an adapter which is suitable for chrome. What happens if they use a different browser?
    • https://www.3cx.com/docs/salesforce-crm-integration/#h.eq0cx8q4fhr0
  • Smart Business Connect 
    • There does not seem to be any adapter or anything else.
So my questions here:
  • Do you have any experience with either of these Telephone systems?
  • What would you recommend here Open CTI, Plugin etc? I know for 3CX there is a plugin but for Smart Business Connect there is not...
  • For Smart Business Connect do you think this pluigin could help? https://sr.knowlarity.com/

And overall what can you recommend as best practices?

Thank you in advance.

Hi me again, one more question, could we somehow use the demo cti adapter and adjust it accordingly ?
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