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big deal alert

Big Deal Alert : -
If your opportunity stage is in 'negotiation/review' stage, send an email to the opportunity owner indicating a big deal is being created. Big deal amount should be greater than 50k. Create email template also.

I dont want to execute this using workflow. I want using big deal alert property. Can anyone help?
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Go to Set up -> Email Templates -> Create an Email tempate on Opportunity object with relevant text and merge fields.
Create a Workflow on Opportunity object:

Evaluate the rule when a record is : created, and every time it's edited
Run this rule if the : Formula evaluates to true
 Formula : ISCHANGED(StageName) && ISPICKVAL(StageName, 'negotiation/review')
(Assuming the field Api Name is 'StageName', use correct Api Name that you need in your case)

Create Immediate workflows action -> Email Alert -> Use the email template you recently created -> Recipient type -> 'Owner'

Save after completing all required fields , mark the Workflow as Active.

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