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Clustering of Leads - Clustering of Fresh Lead provides the segregation of lead records based on certain inputs which would places the records in one of the cluster i.e. NO NUMBER, DNC,
MOBILE and LANDLINE. The User can view the Lead records and can also find on which Cluster the Lead record exists. Four Record types would be created in Lead i.e. NO NUMBER, DNC, MOBILE and LANDLINE which would be updated from Work Flow based on which cluster Lead is falling.

How to do this using Workflow? I have created 4 record type of DNC, NONUMBER,MOBILE and Landline. What next?
If the user needs to VIEW existing leads segregated based on these values, then best way is to use LIST VIEW.
You can create four different list views, enter separate filter criteria for each of these list views and make these list views available to all users.

list view

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I have to use workflow to assign to a particular record type. Can you help in workflow?
That's wrong use of workflows.
Record types are IDEALLY used before any data has been entered. To  limit the fields on the page, which ensures that only relevant data is entered by the user based on the record type.
ok so can you explain the solution is deatil. How to solve this Question
Assume that you already have 100 records in your org and you want to see similar records in one view (like all records with no number)
You should create 'list view' on that record. In the list view filter criteria, you have to provide rules (like Mobile_Number__c EQUALS <null>)
so that by selecting that list view, you can see all existing records that don't have number.
Likwise, you can create different list views from different criteria.
okay but i was asked to use workflow for this particular problem. isnt it possible?