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Flint LockwoodFlint Lockwood 

Entitlement Process Action Failed to Trigger Process Builder

I am trying to create a Chatter post for an Entitlement Process action. The action should create Chatter post 5 minutes before the milestone expiration. I have created a field update for the Entitlement Process action and then a Process Builder action to create a Chatter post whenever the field is updated. I can see the field being updated correctly. However, the Process Builder action is not being called. I have verified this using the debug log. Please advise.
pankul guptapankul gupta
Have you checked if the Process is active and moreover, can you please check if there are any triggers being executed?
Flint LockwoodFlint Lockwood
Yes, the process builder is active. No triggers are not being executed.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Go to salesforce process builder  -- > Advanced -->Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction? 

Try this and see 
Flint LockwoodFlint Lockwood
This did not work. The Process Builder is not being invoked at all.