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Sujit KarandeSujit Karande 

Check date in formula field

I have a Formula field "Renewal Date" whose return type is Date.

I am trying to create one more formula field say "Days Remaining For Renewal" which is nothing but (Renewal Date - Today)

But I'm getting null/blank values in field Days Remaining For Renewal.

Am I doing something wrong? Can you please help me with this?
Harsh Chandra 23Harsh Chandra 23
Hi Sujit,

You need to create a new formula field with return type "Number" with 0 decimal and use this formula:

Renewal_Date__c - Today()

Make sure that Days Remaining For Renewal field is a formula field with return type Number. Set the Decimal places value to zero. Also check whether the return type of Renewal Date field is Date