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Amer SkroboAmer Skrobo 

Override and Update New button from standard Object with existing Layout style

Is there any way to Override New button with new VisualForce page but to keep it Layout style. Actualy I want to update some minor thing I don't want to create whole page of it again. Is it possible ??

Ryan GreeneRyan Greene
Hi Amer,
Go to the button in the object you need the New button overridden. So for me I go here: https://(YOUR SF INSTANCE HERE)/p/setup/link/EditActionUi/e?type=Lead&name=New&retURL=%2Fp%2Fsetup%2Flink%2FActionButtonLinkList%3FpageName%3DLead%26type%3DLead%26setupid%3DLeadLinks&setupid=LeadLinks
and this will edit what the New button does for my Leads. In the URL above put your Salesforce instance where I have the parantheses. Otherwise, in Classic navigate to Setup>Customize>Standard Object>Buttons,Links,Actions THEN click Edit on the New button

Set the SF Classic Override to your VF Page, then change Lightning and Mobile pages to the Classic Override if needed.