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Ryan GreeneRyan Greene 

VF Page buttons on Lightning Action

How can I move my custom buttons to the bottom of the Lightning Action with my VF Page? In the screenshot below, I'd like to move the button "Send Now" to the bottom where Cancel and Save are found. And actually I'd like to replace Save with the Send Now.
When I click the Action button now below is what pops up:
User-added image
My VF Page looks like this:
<apex:page standardcontroller="Lead" lightningStylesheets="true" extensions="SaveAmend">
    <apex:form >
        <!--Other info to go here-->
        <apex:commandButton  value="Send Now" action="{!Send}"/>
I tried putting the apex:commandbutton inside apex:pageblockbutton, but that didnt work either.
Thanks for your help!
Dinesh GopalakrishnanDinesh Gopalakrishnan

Hi Ryan Greene,

Can you Please Provide the Extension Class for the above page that you've mentioned.It'll be better for me Understand Your Requirement.

DineshKumar Gopalakrishnan