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Akash PuneraAkash Punera 

When do Salesforce archive activities?

I have created activities with due date, createddate and lastmodifieddate one year earlier then todays date, but the activities are still visible in timeline, I read a post that Salesforce archives activities every saturday, if anyone knows the schedule of salesforce archiver that will be great help.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Salesforce doesn’t delete archived activities, but you can manually delete them.

Also refer below discussion for the same.

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Ganesh Hembram 21Ganesh Hembram 21
Hi Akash,

Please see the below link, its mentioned that "Closed tasks created more than 365 days ago (if they have no due date)".

Hope this helps..!!!

Ganesh Hembram
Akash PuneraAkash Punera
I have Closed tasks with created date more than 365 days ago (and they have no due date) still they are visible on timeline/activity related list as i created them using DataLoader.