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Neha Ghosh 24Neha Ghosh 24 

removing error message on Custom button

Hello All, 

I built a Asset Tracking object in our salesforce instance to track our assets internally. I added a button called "Request Item" that kicks off an approval process to admin when submitted. Everything is working on that end, however, when the user (any user) clicks "Request Item" the error message. If they go through the form and fill out info, it's works perfectly fine, however i think the error message will throw people off. How do I remove it?

Error: Invalid Data. 
Review all error messages below to correct your data.

Pops up. It's due to the fact that the contact name has duplicates, so i'd like to remove the error message so it runs smoothly. This is the button code. User-added image


Help Please!
Hi Neha,
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if it is a validation rules try to deactive it from object(Asset tracking object), it will stop error.

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Bhanu Prakash
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Shruti SShruti S
Could you please share the URL that you see on the address bar when you are on this page?
Neha Ghosh 24Neha Ghosh 24
There are no validation rules on this object. 

Below is the URL 

Shruti SShruti S
Sorry to say but this is an expected behaviour when you have one Contact with the same name.
Neha Ghosh 24Neha Ghosh 24
Is there a way to change the error message?