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Jeisson Alexander Hernandez Guerre 2Jeisson Alexander Hernandez Guerre 2 

Stuck on Build Flexible Apps with Lightning Components proyect

Doing the Build Flexible Apps with Lightning Components proyect, in step 2 (Use Base Lightning Components) I got a error: "Make sure the 'SimilarProperties' component has been added to the Property Record page", but I already added the component to the only Lightning record Page and activated it.   Anyone can help me? .
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Make sure that you are connecting the same org and also component name is  SimilarProperties, by selecting Lightning Record Page.

If this does not work can you post the screenshot of your work so that I can help you further.

Please mark it as solved if my reply was helpful. It will make it available for other as the proper solution.
Best Regards
Jeisson Alexander Hernandez Guerre 2Jeisson Alexander Hernandez Guerre 2
Hi Sandhya

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm very sure that I'm connecting the same org and also component name is "SimilarProperties". Below we show you the images of the error and my org:

1) Error Shown in Trailhead
Error shown in Trailhead
2) SimiliarProperties component working on lightning record page
User-added image

3)SimiliarProperties component added on lightning record page of Property object
User-added image
4) Activation Lightning record page of Property object
User-added image

Also I created 2 Trailhead playground more and I repeated the steps and I got the same error :'(
Taylor KTaylor K
I'm having the same exact issue.  It seems more likely the issue is with trailhead not accepting correct answers for this step.
Trevor RoyTrevor Roy

Same here. Really takes the wind out of your sails when trying to learn new stuff to get blocked by something like this.

Trevor RoyTrevor Roy
Oddly enough, the next two modules verify correctly working from the exact same components.
Thomas ElmströmThomas Elmström
The problem for me was the step of updating the Property page from the record - that created a deuplicate lightning record page definition.

Go to Setup, Obejct Manager, Property, Lightning Record Page - you will probably (like me) see two "Property Record Page" edit and make sure that both of them have the SimilarProperties component added. That worked for me.
Thank you Thomas!  That was it...who freakin' knew...?  
Emil AtanasovEmil Atanasov
Thanks Thomas!
Yufu Man 4Yufu Man 4
I got the same issue. this is what I figured.if you go to Property Record-->set up-->edit page, you will see the page label and developer name. The validation process is looking for the developer name of "Property_Record_Page". Make sure the component is added to this page. My problem was resolved  by checking this.
adrianne geyeradrianne geyer
Thanks Yufu Man. I have no idea how you came up with something as simple as changing the name of the Lighting Page to "Property Record Page" but that's what cleared up my errors about "Make sure the component has been added to the Property Record Page". 
Kenneth Kim 18Kenneth Kim 18
Got the same issue jsut now. Thanks a lot Thomas and Yufu Man! 
Yuki Saito 1Yuki Saito 1
Property Record's Developer Name was wrong!
Thanks to Yufu Man 4, I have a solution!
Jose Ignacio Navas SanzJose Ignacio Navas Sanz

Maybe this issue is closed but this is how I fixed.

First of all I realised that I forgot to import data, so follow the step that says to do it.

User-added image

After this is done go to DreamHouse Ligthning, enter into Propperty page and edit to add the HelloWorld component you created.

I hope this helps you to fix your issue!

Take care ;)