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Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11 

How to create records and objects for specific users?

We have a “Development” team and a “Veteran Outreach” team. We want to create an area in Salesforce that’s independent of “development” processes.

Development users should NOT have the ability to see “Veteran Outreach” records.
“Veteran Outreach” users should have the ability to see development records, but there should be a CLEAR differentiator. Meaning, they know when they’re looking at a record pertaining to Veteran Outreach and NOT development (and vice versa).

Would you recommend creating a separate app?
We could make record types visible to only CERTAIN profiles.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Create an Object sharing model as Private and use Sharing rules 
Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11
Raj— Thank you for your reply. If we follow your recommended solution, it will still be difficult to differentiate the contacts entered by "development" users and contacts entered by "veteran outreach" users. I know Veteran Outreach users will see record types appropriate to THEM only (when they're entering a contact). However, if "Joe Smith" is entered in the search, a veteran outreach user will see the Joe Smith that he/she added-- but also 20+ other Joe Smith contact records related to the development team. It'll all be mixed together.

To be clear, the "Veteran Outreach" team can see their records and the "Development" team records. But the Development team is only allowed to see their own records-- not "Veteran Outreach". It's just that we want Veteran Outreach to clearly determine what's theirs vs Development.