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In Lightning Knowledge how to map Articles to Data categories

Before lightning, mapping of an Article Type to Data Category was possible using an interface (Article Management) that allowed to store that mapping in "Article Type__DataCategorySelection. 

In Lightning Knowledge, Article types are gone and we got record types. Given that, how do we map an Article to a Data Category defined in Data Category setup? Is there any other field that is given for the mapping? I do not see any such field in definition of "Knowlege Object" in Setup.

Found a related post that mentions creating a custom field on Article/Record Type.

Using it i can make a Picklist of values having same text as that in data Categories. However, the values will not map to the DataCategory definitions in "Data Category Setup" of Lightning KB.

Without it, I am NOT able to assign my Articles(in Lightning KB) to Data Category. Without this assignment, those Articles are unable to be mapped to the Topics defined in Community Site. Has Salesforce removed this very critical mapping!! ??