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Brian KayserBrian Kayser 

We cant find criteria and immediate actions for Einstein Scores greater than or equal to 80

Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can't find criteria and immediate actions for Einstein Scores greater than or equal to 80.
This error is for the "Assign Top Leads to Your Sales Rep" Trail (Prioritize Leads with Einstein Lead Scoring Project).  I've tried everything under the sun to get this to work.  Have created several new Dev Orgs using the link for Einstein Lead Scoring.  Tried several variations of "Log into a Developer Edition" and the "Launch" button.  Nothing seems to work!  Please help!
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Try to add your domain in remote site settings.

Refer below thread for similar discussion which has the solution.

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Brian KayserBrian Kayser
Hi Sandhya, no that did not work I tried that before posting this.  As the other comments discuss in that thread, that fix only works for instances where an email was received.
Mickael RaoulMickael Raoul
Hi @Brian, 

I have the same issue, how did you handle this ? 

Brian KayserBrian Kayser
Hi Mickael, I never resolved it, and reaching out to SF to see if it's a larger issue.
Mickael RaoulMickael Raoul
Hi Brian,
I have the solution ! My developer org was generated in french and then I changed language to english BUT when I tried to generate the org in English (Choose US in the form) then all is fine.
Thanks, Mickael.
I faced same problem snd could resolve it fowwing your guidance.
Pat PenaherreraPat Penaherrera
Hey y'all!  I resolved this issue by renaming the second criteria node in the Assign Leads by Einstein Score Process from Less than 80 to Einstein Scores less than 80.  The instructions in the Trailhead project tell you to name the node Less than 80, but for some reason, Trailhead looks for a node named Einstein Scores less than 80 when you click on Verify Step.  I plan on reporting this to the Trailhead team later on today.  Hope this helps!  
Mae Selvig 12Mae Selvig 12
Thanks Mikael:)

After many attempts .... I resolved the challenge by creating a US developer version.