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Sitarama MurthySitarama Murthy 

Load Data to Einstein Analytics from Oracle or other DB.

Hi All,

Can someone please tell me. is it possible to load data from Oracle or ther DB directly to Eisntein Analytics platform.

Hi SitaRama,
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you need to login into your Einstein Analytics  and need to create dataset and select your database such as orcale or any 
  1. In Einstein Discovery, click the Datasets tab.
  2. Click the Oracle tile. In the Connect to an Oracle Database window, click New Connection and then fill out these fields.
    Connection Name: Invoices
    Host: oracle-trailhead.sdd.salesforce.com
    Database: TRAILHEAD
    Port: 1521
    User: trail
    Password: trailhead
  3. Click Connect.
  4. In the list of tables, make sure that INVOICES is selected.
  5. Click Copy Data.
  6. On the datasets page, click the dataset you just created—INVOICES—to get to the data prep page.
check below links for more information 

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Bhanu Prakash
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Sitarama MurthySitarama Murthy
Hi Bhanu,

Thanks for reply.

i am using Einstein Analytics not Discovery.
In Einstein Analytics i can create Dashboards and i need to use that Dashboard is other external systems. in Discovery we canot create dashboards.

Can you pelase help out how to load data to Analytics directly from Oracale and shcedule the data refresh.

Thanks Ram