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Aditya JadhavAditya Jadhav 

Please help and guide

Can someone help here.I am automation engineer.Want to move to slesforce.What will you do if saleforce shuts down someday?
Hi Adithya,

Salesforce have nice movement as per growth and acqusations of company, it is growing by year by year. Lightning is major migration in terms of aspects. Mulesoft,Cl;oudcraze .. many more acquisition will help us to learn more and have a lot of oppournities to join in term of carrer.

What will you do if saleforce shuts down someday?
In That bad case scenorio, If you work on lightning you can be a front end developer like javascript and css. If you work on integration, you will be expertize in integation with third party API's expertize.

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Bhanu Prakash
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Aditya JadhavAditya Jadhav
Resolved :)