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Aman PathakAman Pathak 

Is there any way to redirect to new created opportunity from flow in salesforce1 app?

hi I have a flow which convert lead (basically for screen with details of lead) for salesforce1 app.
this is working fine for desktop version but  for SF1 app it is not working, I am getting an opportunity Id after conversion.

VWFConvertLead is the pluging I am using in the flow .
things I have done:

  • Implemeted the flow using the plugin. 
    <apex:page standardController="lead" showQuickActionVfHeader="false" extensions="FlowLEadConvertExtension" lightningStylesheets="true">
        <script  type="text/javascript">
        function getopp(){
            var opIdgenerated ="{!opid}";
            if( (typeof sforce != 'undefined') && sforce && (!! ) {
                 // Salesforce app navigation
                    console.log('in else');
        <apex:slds />
        <flow:interview name="SAMPLE_Lead_Convert_Flow" interview="{!myAutoFlow}"  buttonLocation="bottom" finishLocation="{!nextpage}">
                    <apex:param name="recordId" value="{!Lead.Id}"/>

  • embedded the flow in the visualforce.
  • called the visualforce page from an actin
  • used pagerefernce to go to the created opportunity.
    public class FlowLEadConvertExtension {
        Public Flow.Interview.SAMPLE_Lead_Convert_Flow myAutoFlow { get; set; }
        Public FlowLEadConvertExtension(ApexPages.standardController controller) {}
       public static string opid{get;set;}
        Public String getmyID() {
            if (myAutoFlow==null)
                return '';
                return myAutoFlow.vaOpportunityId;
        Public PageReference getNextPage(){     
        PageReference p = new PageReference('/' + getmyID() );
        return p;