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Megan MuldaryMegan Muldary 

Lightning Experience Configuration Converter - Button convert and deploy still not working

Apologies if this seems too basic for the developer discussion forum but I am once again stuck in limbo as an admin because the installed package with the button I need modified is saying that it is salesforce's responsibility and salesforce is saying all Lightning Java buttons that need conversion is on either the partner or end users to do. And, no matter how many trailheads I do, I can't seem to get the control I need on my button in Lightning like what I had in Classic. 

Long of the short, we have a button for "New Octiv Contract" in the opportunity that is a detail page button, execute Java, onclick java source...where I literally just want the button to surface an error and prevent them from moving forward if the related quote hasn't been approved. Previous logic was a series of if an opportunity custom field equals various different values, one including a blank, then they would get the error. And if not, then they would get directed to a window for creating the document in the installed package related to the opportunity they started from. 

I have used the "Lightning Experience Configuration Converter" to convert and deploy the button into a Lightning component and it is still allowing me to select the the new lightning component without hitting my error and preventing the creation of the document. 

The controller is showing:
    execute : function(component, event, helper) {
            // TODO: Review the migrated code
        if (''+component.get('v.sObjectInfo.Quote_Approval_Status__c')+'' == 'Ready for Approval' || ''+component.get('v.sObjectInfo.Quote_Approval_Status__c')+'' == 'In Progress' || ''+component.get('v.sObjectInfo.Quote_Approval_Status__c')+'' == 'Rejected' || ''+component.get('v.sObjectInfo.Quote_Approval_Status__c')+'' == '') 
  alert('You cannot create your contract until the Quote has been Approved');
} else {
helper.gotoURL(component, '/apex/tinderbox__create_document?sObjectType=Opportunity&recordId='+component.get('v.sObjectInfo.Id')+'');


and the Componenet is showing:
<aura:component extends="c:LCC_GenericLightningComponent" >
        <aura:handler event="c:LCC_GenericApplicationEvent" action="{!c.execute}"/>
        <aura:set attribute="partially" value="false"></aura:set>
        <div style="height: 6rem;">
        <div role="status" class="slds-spinner slds-spinner_large slds-spinner_brand">
            <span class="slds-assistive-text">Loading</span>
            <div class="slds-spinner__dot-a"></div>
            <div class="slds-spinner__dot-b"></div>

The info looks like it is all there in the controller that I want to check the action against but it doesn't matter what I enter in the custom field because I can always just move forward in creating a contract - whether the custom field shows it's approved or not. I am really hoping I am missing something totally obvious and dumb in deploying this properly but can't find any other information for what I am missing so here we go in asking you guys for help. TIA.