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Salesforce Automation 11Salesforce Automation 11 

Flow 'Show Header' does not hide header in Lightning runtime

In Lightning Experience, my Flow Screen with 'Show Header' set to false still shows the header.

I am launching the flow from a Quick Action.

'Show Footer' works as expected and I am able to override the navigation with Lightning Components


flow screen

User-added image

Is anyone aware of any issue or limitation? I can see this being documented somewhere as "Show Header currently is not supported for quick action distributed flows"
Sean Alloway 18Sean Alloway 18
I am also experiencing this and I'm not sure what we are missing here.
Salesforce Automation 11Salesforce Automation 11
I don't know either. 

I'm opening a case in a colleagues Premier Support org. Salesforce support 100% refuses to address this case because we aren't paying them an extra 50k a year for the ability to ask an actual legitimate question.

This is not a development help request. This is clearly a case of: 

Docs say X
I do it and do not see X. 

So either I am wrong or the docs are wrong.
Vivek HHVivek HH
Any luck on this ? Did Salesforce team respond with the rootcause or solution ? I'm facing the same issue. Can anyone please help ?
Soumya BeheraSoumya Behera
I am also observing the same issue when i am calling it from lightning action and NBA action. Anyone got any resolution on the same ?
Radek MatusiakRadek Matusiak
Something new on this?
Max Giesbert 6Max Giesbert 6
In the meantime maybe vote for this idea: https://ideas.salesforce.com/s/idea/a0B8W00000GdnmgUAB/allow-user-to-hide-header-on-flow-within-quick-action