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Domnic JohnsonDomnic Johnson 

Limit the users from accepting only the oldest lead

Is it possible to limit the members of queue to accept only the oldest lead from a queue?

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Dominic,

The purpose of a queue is to allow multiple users to access leads. If you are looking to not allow "cherry picking" I would recommend using the Round Robin method. Here are some sources to get you started. These will essentially assign the leads a # as they come in, then assign to different reps based on the assigned number. This allows you to assign regardless of standardized criteria like location, size, type, etc., and truly just randomize it. Hope this helps.

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Domnic JohnsonDomnic Johnson
Hi Nagendra, 

You are correct we dont want sales users to cherry pick leads there are some users who will create lead list view and see which is a good lead where they can make a sale and just pick those and leave the rest in the Queue and this way its not fair to the other users who are not as familiar with the system.

The purpose of the queue is for us to let the sales users be able to take as many leads (in the sort order of old to new) they can work on. We did have round robin but they its like forcing leads on some sales rep who do not put in effort in converting the leads. But with a queue a sales rep who is capiable of convering leads can take as many read s(he) can but we want that to be without cherry picking.