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Communities User Names Uniqueness

Salesforce says the following:

"Customer Community, Customer Community Plus and Lightning External Apps licenses require unique usernames whithin the Salesforce Org. that a community belongs to."

"Partner Community licenses, Employee Community, Lightning External Apps Plus licenses require unique usernames across all Salesforce Orgs that the user belongs to."

Instead of having to memorize that, I would actually like to understand why (the underlying reason(s) for the uniqueness of the usernames being within the Org OR across all Orgs globally to which the user pertains.

Is there any logical reason that you can think of?
Bhavesh Jain 41Bhavesh Jain 41
I could pitch in here with my thoughts(I might not be cent percent right though)
Lets assume you have communities setup based on different regions of the world where a customer could be a part of one of more communities so he could toggle around different communities with unique user name and still access the data and play around.

however lets assume you have created a community for a employee may be for HR portal he is assigned with a Salesforce license you might not want to have 2 different user names for same employees and allow to consume another license unless the org is rich enough to spend on it.

Hope that helped a bit would appreciate to seek a better reason if someone has more hands on working on differrent communities
Beth Evans 10Beth Evans 10
This is the way I look at it. I can go to login.salesforce.com and log into any org with the correct credentials because Salesforce is cloud based, therefore my username and password must be unique across all Salesforce orgs. For Community users, they have to navigate to a specific URL to login to that site. That URL is tied to one org. Also, I may have a log in to many Customer Communities through many companies using the same username, but I'm not asked to create a username that is unique across all of those different companies systems. If I was asked to do so, I would have logins to sites like beth@mail.com.123 like we do for sandboxes.