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create a field that populate info from the last activity on the lead

Is it possible to declacitvity be able to populate a field on the lead with the last activity info ? such as {Activity.Created By} + ‘: “ + {Activity.Subject} + ‘ - “ + {Activity.FullComments} . ? 

if that needs code or trigger, can you please provide me with that ? 
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

You just need a process builder + a flow.

There are some alternatives for the flow itself.

Martin Foulkes didn't need a loop (end of the discussion) but didn't post his solution.

How to calculate MAX DATE over multiple records, not child related (Flows Loop?)​
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hey Alain, i do not to claculate max. on the lead object, you can report on records and include the field last activity date for that record, what i need is to not only show the last activity date but also i want to show the subject, description and created by name on that last activity. does this make sense ? 
Alain CabonAlain Cabon
In fact, the flow is the only declarative way to read records when you want to avoid a trigger.

The example above just want the max date but you can read all the fields of the object you want.

If you didn't use flows before, it is interesting to try but the explanation of the steps are longer to explain than a simple trigger (some lines of code).

The technique with flow and process builder is always the same. The process builder part is often short and simple (the caller) and the flow (auto-launched) is more complicated.

Last “Key” Activity Date​: is managed by David Litton

Other people will post the code of the trigger but your question was about a solution declaratively.
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Hi @Alain thanks for your reply. i was actually able to do that with only a process builder. it did the job well. thanks much for the info