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NM AdminNM Admin 

I am struggling with salesforce CPQ product rule.

Hello All,

I have created a Prodct rule in salesforce CPQ. Criteria is when the 'CAD-CLIENT-FT' or 'CAD-CLIENT PT' products is selected while creating quote
'CAD-SERVERSW' must be included on the quote.
I have created below rule to fulfill the requirement:
1.Product Rule
Product Rule

2. Product Action
Product Action

3. Product Configuration:
Product Configuration

Letter on I am creating Quote with the mentioned two products but the product is not getting added to the Quote even meets the criteria
My rule is not triggering. Can anybody help in this if missing something.

Welcome to your suggestions!

Jainam ContractorJainam Contractor
Hi Nilesh,

Can you please have a look at the below success forum response. It has a similar requirement as yours.

It worked for me. Please check and let me know if it works for you.

Jainam Contractor,
Salesforce Consultant,
Varasi LLC
NM AdminNM Admin
Thanks Jainam,
I am referring the same that you shared. 
Initially we are able see 'Unit Price' only in the 'Tested Field' while creating  the 'Error Condition' object. So letter on 
I have added a picklist value in the 'Tested Field' => 'SBQQ__ProductName__c' and we are selecting this value in the error condition as suggested in the shared link but still the rule is not firing OR not adding the product.

Please see the screen shot the value I have added on the 'Tested Field'

Error condition

Is there anything I missed over here.
Here is the product rule:

Product Rule Detail:
Product Rule Name=>Rule2
Conditions Met =>All 
Active=> True
Scope =>Product

Product Action Detail:
Product Action => #PA-0000001  
Rule=> Rule2  
Type=> Add  
Required=> True

Error Condition Detail:  
Rule =>Rule2  
Tested Object=>Product Option  
Tested Field=>SBQQ__ProductName__c  

Configuration Rule Detail:  
Rule=> #CR-000000  
Active  =>True
Product Rule=>Rule2

Please have a look into this rule and let me know if I am missing something from my end.

Pankaj PPankaj P

More eaiser way here is to have error condition to check for Summary variable instead of direct product.

Create 2 summary variables

  • Count products having name = 'CAD-CLIENT-FT'
  • Count products having name = 'CAD-CLIENT PT'

Then create Error condition as :

Tested Object = Quote
Tested Variable = <your summary variable>
Operator = ">"  
Filter Value = 0

Product Rule : 

Conditions Met = Any
Scope = Quote
Evaluation Event = Always
Type = Selection

and Done :)