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Natraj Subramani 15Natraj Subramani 15 

Send Email Button - Lightning Experience

Hi All,

Created a new custom button called "Send Email" and set the behaviour as "Display in existing window without sidebar or header" and content source as "URL"

URL : /_ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p2_lkid={!Case.ContactId}&rtype=003&p3_lkid={!Case.Id}&retURL=%2F{!Case.Id}

When I click on the above button in lightning experience, it opens up the send email box correctly. This looks slightly like the classic version. Is there a way we can correct the URL to display as lightning experience ?


Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
LIghtning Experince you cannt able to URL hacks . but create a lightning component and add it to the Page ..